Laura G

Blogging for ICT

Playing with Scratch

on February 14, 2013

I am enjoying playing with this Scratch business far too much, so much so that I have stayed in on Saturday night and played with Scratch and considered it a night well spent. Because it was a night well spent.

The satisfaction I have gotten from learning even the basic elements so far is unbelievable. Creating a game to make Lar Corbett chase after Tommy Walsh in Croke Park was the best thing I did all week. My poor housemates have heard me rave about this Scratch business so much as this stage that they are starting to revert to a Mrs Brown approach….

However, I am still looking at other games that have been put up on and felt my brain melt with the level of coding involved in some of the games. I am hoping that if I keep at it I will be able to create games that are at that level. For the children to enjoy of course. I’m too grown up for all that carry on. Now where is my Pokedex…


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