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“Scratch” is a phenomenon that has been taking the education world by storm since it was released in 2006. Developed by Mitchel Resnick and the Lifelong Kindergarten group in MIT media lab.

In essence, “Scratch” is a simplified coding system that even children can access to make and publish their computer creations. It is important to remember that this is not just a useful tool for teachers to use to keep lessons interesting and allowing an introduction of a new version interactive active learning through play. It is also a practical  learning  experience for the children themselves, to get time on it themselves to open their mind to come up with all kinds of animations, games and creations through developing mathematical and mechanical reasoning skills in particular in the process. Even the design of “Scratch” is extremely child friendly, basing it’s coding appearance on building Lego blocks. The more combinations of blocks that the children experiment with, the more their creations will be able to do!

For example, my preliminary chasing game (below) is something I learned from trial and error, adapting what I already knew in order to create something that appears very original but in reality is very simplistic.

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(click image to access game)

Scratch allows children not only the experience for an introduction to coding, but also allows them to publish their creations on the website, also offering a safe environment for them to browse through other people’s work and learn to try different types of codes to produce different effects.

More practice can allow for more advanced versions of games to be created, for example, mazes, Angry Birds or even versions of SuperMario games.